Thursday, February 19, 2015


since we were engaged on the 13th, we celebrate valentine's day that night instead of the 14th. it's a double win because we avoid the crowds and get to spend v-day evening with family or at home. this year, we celebrated our engagement/v-day by eating at communal. we had the trout pot pie to start which sounded kinda awful to me at first but which ended up being DELICIOUS. good choice, philip! then we had the roast chicken, the pork chop, and the yukon mashed potatoes. holy holy holy! I mean, geez, this was some pretty good food. if you're a provoian, it's at least a one time must.

oh, and I looked at their lunch menu. guess we're going to go back because blue cheese fries.

Monday, February 16, 2015

around here

I've been a little MIA with this here internet space of ours lately, because, oh man, life! it's been full and wonderful and stressful and crazy. and, I mean, am I the only one who breaks out with fatty canker sores when they get stressed because that junk is rotten. and you're so so grateful that I bestowed that little gem of knowledge on you, right?

I'm teaching. I'm tutoring. I'm finishing a thesis. I currently dream in footnotes and citations.
Phil's doing research. Phil is studying. Phil is finishing a thesis. Phil is dreaming dreams of dancing grad school sugar plum fairies.
Simon is walking/running. Simon is a page-turning, loves-to-be-chased, door-slamming, pasta-flinging tornado of baby love. 
We are happy. We are tired. We are excited for the present. We are excited for the future.

oh, and it's been a good weekend. long. chocolate. good food. sleeping.
we covered all the bases.

^^ three years of being engaged. we try to get a ring-bling picture each year. here are the ones from the past years.
^^ a little family night fun with shel.
^^a saturday morning writing workshop at my thesis advisor's home, 
 ^^look at this sad, pasta face. why so melachony?
^^some valentine's day love from phil's sweet familia.
^^just us at home.