Thursday, January 1, 2015

state of the goals report

last january I wrote out a few resolutions/goals for the 2014 and I'm going through and rating them (five stars to zero) to see how we/I did. it's fun to look back and see how we've done.

fill a grateful jar: *
this lasted about a month and then dwindled. we still have the jar and looking through the things we wrote is fun, but I'm guessing we need a re-do year on writing down our daily gratitudes.

read a book a month together: **
well, phil and I read but not together and not the list of books that we initially put together. hmm, so why two stars them? well, phil read a lot of stats textbooks and I read a lot of french satire, balzac, and primary and secondary sources for my thesis. sooooo, two stars for effort but two stars for failing to follow the goal guidelines.

write and defend our theses: ****
phil just has to schedule his because that boy is milliseconds away from crossing that finish line. I am not as close but yet oh so close to thesis completion. let's extend this goal for two more months, yes?

get 4.0 in our remaining MA/MS classes: ****
phil: check.
laurel: one pesky yet hard-earned A-.

write more thank you notes: ****
I feel like I could have written more and found more things to thank the people in my life for, but I feel happy with my efforts and happy for all the love and help I could thank my friends and family for.

exercise 3 times a week: *****
I mean, the last month I counted walking from the parking lot to campus and teaching as exercise (don't judge). before that, however, this year has been my best exercise year EVER. I've never run as much as I did this year and have never been as consistent. I was lucky enough to finish three halfs and one full marathon, and for me, that was BIG BIG BIG!

read aloud to simon: ****
there are days ever now and again that we forget to read to ol' simon boy, but we've really tried to be consistent in reading short stories and talking to him about what he sees in his picture and board books. his attention span is, obviously, short and we end up often enough having to crawl with him, with the book, reading as he reaches for the new momentary excitement (hairspray bottle! plastic frog!), but he can turn pages and sometimes sits in the corner all by himself with his "animals" book in hand. 

write three poems:

platinum blond: ***
does a weave count? I'm just not brave enough yet to go full out...

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  1. I'm impressed with all that you HAVE accomplished! Great job!!