Tuesday, December 23, 2014

on the road

oh, it is good to be home for christmas. we drove down last week and were able to leave provo earlier than planned after turning in final exams and final grades. it was liberating to get onto the 15 and leave our cares behind. 

simon's teething and was a bit fussy on the ride but, really, who doesn't get a little fussy on a 9 hour drive? I know I did and I'm not even pushing out new chompers. generally though, simon's a good back seat traveler and was so especially after feeding him a burrito and the cookie the cashier gave us for free at our del taco stop in st. george. we're really trying to develop his refined palate.

^^ front seat entertainment
^^ back seat entertainment.

^^ nature makes for a pretty decent gradient, am I right?

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