Friday, December 26, 2014

christmas in CA

we spent christmas at home in california with my family, and the weather over the week was california appropriate: warm. it was such a good break to have. I mean, there's nothing quite like playing wii mario kart to all hours of the night, sleeping in, pajamas from dawn to dusk, silly games with nieces and nephews, and the familiar company of siblings to make me feel like it's the most wonderful time of the year.

and, I'm not kidding about the mario kart thing. that's a bonafide cummins christmas tradition.

^^ count on simon pants to find all the girls.
^^ heathy shea shea! would you believe that we're nine years apart??
("no" is the correct answer.)

^^ our secret family photo shoot for mom and dad's present.

^^home alone sticky bandits gloves and the possibility of breakfast
^^ 50mm lens and a bag of addiction.

^^ there seemed to be a color theme to our loot of gifts...

^^these girlies' first christmas.
^^ their faces on christmas morning. so much excitement!

^^a christmas day coma. it's similar to the thanksgiving day one, but this one was more cinnamon, bacon, presents, wii, and egg-nog induced than turkey.

^^our family dinner complete with dutch party crackers and crowns.

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