Sunday, December 21, 2014

birthday festivites!

^^we're spending christmas with the cummins side in california this year, so we went to the lake arrowhead deli for pizza on simon's birthday. we sang happy birthday and gave him a chocolate birthday muffin. as you can see, he was very docile with it. we had geared him for a mess (note the trash bag bib), but he ended up only taking a few bites and showing little interest. obviously, he hasn't figured out the goodness that are chocolate muffins. we'll have to work on that.

 ^^ we gave simon this little "my first book of french words" book. as I went through it myself this morning I kept thinking, "hmm, I didn't know that word or that one or, wow, that one either." for example, sawdust? sciure. also, I've got the word for chicken coop tucked away now for the one future day that I'll need it. this is going to be a gift for the both of us.

^^ earlier that evening, we set up a few toys across the living room that represent different professions (giraffe = zookeeper, doctor's knee hammer = doctor, radio = radio dj/show host, etc) and set simon across the room to crawl and "choose" his future occupation. looks like we have a future musician on our hands.

^^also, phil decided that simon is old enough now to sport liberty spikes. can't wait to see what he does as a teenager...

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