Wednesday, December 31, 2014


happy new year!
goodbye to the good ship 2014. it's been a happy year.

Friday, December 26, 2014

christmas in CA

we spent christmas at home in california with my family, and the weather over the week was california appropriate: warm. it was such a good break to have. I mean, there's nothing quite like playing wii mario kart to all hours of the night, sleeping in, pajamas from dawn to dusk, silly games with nieces and nephews, and the familiar company of siblings to make me feel like it's the most wonderful time of the year.

and, I'm not kidding about the mario kart thing. that's a bonafide cummins christmas tradition.

^^ count on simon pants to find all the girls.
^^ heathy shea shea! would you believe that we're nine years apart??
("no" is the correct answer.)

^^ our secret family photo shoot for mom and dad's present.

^^home alone sticky bandits gloves and the possibility of breakfast
^^ 50mm lens and a bag of addiction.

^^ there seemed to be a color theme to our loot of gifts...

^^these girlies' first christmas.
^^ their faces on christmas morning. so much excitement!

^^a christmas day coma. it's similar to the thanksgiving day one, but this one was more cinnamon, bacon, presents, wii, and egg-nog induced than turkey.

^^our family dinner complete with dutch party crackers and crowns.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

on the road

oh, it is good to be home for christmas. we drove down last week and were able to leave provo earlier than planned after turning in final exams and final grades. it was liberating to get onto the 15 and leave our cares behind. 

simon's teething and was a bit fussy on the ride but, really, who doesn't get a little fussy on a 9 hour drive? I know I did and I'm not even pushing out new chompers. generally though, simon's a good back seat traveler and was so especially after feeding him a burrito and the cookie the cashier gave us for free at our del taco stop in st. george. we're really trying to develop his refined palate.

^^ front seat entertainment
^^ back seat entertainment.

^^ nature makes for a pretty decent gradient, am I right?

Monday, December 22, 2014

sunday family photos

^^ our family
^^ simon was feeling especially joyous for this grandchildren photo
^^ all the cummins siblings

Sunday, December 21, 2014

birthday festivites!

^^we're spending christmas with the cummins side in california this year, so we went to the lake arrowhead deli for pizza on simon's birthday. we sang happy birthday and gave him a chocolate birthday muffin. as you can see, he was very docile with it. we had geared him for a mess (note the trash bag bib), but he ended up only taking a few bites and showing little interest. obviously, he hasn't figured out the goodness that are chocolate muffins. we'll have to work on that.

 ^^ we gave simon this little "my first book of french words" book. as I went through it myself this morning I kept thinking, "hmm, I didn't know that word or that one or, wow, that one either." for example, sawdust? sciure. also, I've got the word for chicken coop tucked away now for the one future day that I'll need it. this is going to be a gift for the both of us.

^^ earlier that evening, we set up a few toys across the living room that represent different professions (giraffe = zookeeper, doctor's knee hammer = doctor, radio = radio dj/show host, etc) and set simon across the room to crawl and "choose" his future occupation. looks like we have a future musician on our hands.

^^also, phil decided that simon is old enough now to sport liberty spikes. can't wait to see what he does as a teenager...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

happy birthday, simon!

to think that a year ago phil and I were getting into the car to head to the hospital to await the birth of this little man! I had been laboring in bed and the contractions were coming faster and I waddled to the car, in between the waves, in my boots, sweatpants, and a tie-dye shirt I made in high school. it was snowing outside and quiet cold but I still had my head hanging out the window the mile or so to the hospital because labor, wow, that was a pretty warm experience. with all the sweating and all the gatorade I consumed, you'd think it was a sport. I mean, let's have my people talk with your people, nike, because next time I'm about to have a baby I should get a shoe deal or something.

I talk much more in detail about simon's birth here, but I remember after his arrival that this feeling of being overwhelmed by love and fear came upon me. all of a sudden, here is someone who is so dependent and full of need that we have been given the opportunity to love and nurture and nourish and clean and sanitize and comfort and dress and diaper and q-tip and read to and secure in safety seats and not leave alone and on and on. with simon, we are his parents for the rest of forever and it's beautiful and it's daunting. but, being a parent, I think, is one of those strange but beautiful life contradictions - it is hard, but it is uniquely wonderful and special. the love you feel is like when someone tickles you and you laugh and laugh until you cry because it is too much for your body to handle. this love is beyond the capacities of my body, and it is incredible and scary to be so vulnerable because of this little person.

happy 1st birthday to my silly, smiley, surprising, and sweet simon.
you are loved.