Monday, November 10, 2014

simon's surgery

simon's hand surgery last week went by so smoothly. all I can say is,
I am grateful for the kind, capable doctors and nurses that took care of him.
there's nothing like being in a hospital and watching your child being taken away
from you to make you feel completely vulnerable. of course, we knew
that everything was going to be fine and that it was going to be a simple
procedure, yet there's still an element of unknown. and, ugh, the unknown.
it knows just how to squeeze the tears out of me. but thankfully,
it didn't last long and our baby came back to us soon enough.

^^they gave simon a pre op sedative and he became a total fruit loop!
EVERYTHING was funny funny funny.

^^ and this hospital gown was covered in constellations
and space crafts.why can't the adult-sized ones be as cool??

^^ post-op baby boy. we pushed him around the play arena in this comfy cart while he recovered.
don't you love this blond mohawk of his?

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