Wednesday, November 26, 2014

my 27th birthday

in the past, I have often felt ambivalent about my birthday. like, I love when people remember and wish me a happy birthday but I never like having expectations about the day and what it's going to be like and, of course, it's just another day of the year and I still have responsibilities and it's, you know, another tuesday, but STILL! I was born! I entered the world! and I'm still alive and doesn't that deserve some celebration even if it means that I simply paint my nails? and, you know, I guess that I've always felt uncertain about my birthday because I expected people to live up to my expectations of it instead of doing that myself and making myself feel special. I think that we've got to do that sometimes for ourselves: be our biggest celebrators. celebrator? is that a word? you know what I mean.

so, I decided that I was going to be deliberate about making myself feel good this year.

the night before, I showered and moisturized and painted my nails (toenails and fingernails! gah, I know!) and put my hair in these here foam hair rollers. phil has never seen me in the rollers. the rollers haven't seen the light of day or a bathroom in aaaages. it's been years since the rollers have been rolled with my locks, so I thought, "well, it's my birthday so, shoot, let's do it!" 
^^ hot.
after a night of good sleep (bless you, simon boy!), I had curly hair! and there was lipstick involved! and perfume! because, 1.) it was my birthday, and 2.) I like feeling beautiful on the day I came naked and messy into the world. it also kinda kicks against the "getting old feeling." anyway, my 9am french class must have been SHOCKED to see Mme White not sporting yet again another day-old bun and a headband (showers in the morning are always better thoughts at night than in practice...).

after class, we went out with my parents (in town) to el gallo giro for their huevos rancheros. and, it may have only been 10:30am but, HORCHATA and TRES LECHES cake! it was all beautiful and delicious.

^^ later that evening, phil and I went to "the paris" in salt lake for dinner. I requested we eat here since it is such a lovely french restaurant and has a sweet memory for me of a dinner I had here with some dear french house roommates from six years ago (!). on the way to the restaurant, we did a recap of the year and talked about all the good things we have been able to accomplish and our highlights. we realized, as we often do, that we have much to be grateful for.

there was added an element of surprise at the restaurant since phil had so slyly invited my dearest friend mindy and her ben along for dinner. we had so so so much fun.
^^ the savoyard flat bread with gruyère and mushrooms!
^^  the boeuf stroganoff aux cèpes!
(oh, you haven't seen the end of the ! yet, fair reader!)

it really was one of my favorite birthdays spent with people I love and people who make me feel happy. I feel so grateful for this life and for sweet family and friends and food and french and humor and that I am alive and lucky enough to have an abundance of beauty and goodness around me.


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