Friday, October 31, 2014

happy halloween!

happy halloween from this gardener, his flower patch and their baby caterpillar to you!

^^  phlaurel being floral.
^^ simon stayed in his overstuffed caterpillar outfit approximately 10 minutes 
until the fluffiness and warmth became too much to handle. here he is navigating
how to bring the pizza crust over his large chest and into his mouth.
^^ the hippie parents. monroe's comment before I snapped
this was, "should I try to look high?" 
^^ a sweet minnie mouse!

^^ after shedding the caterpillar ensemble, simon donned grandpa's rastafarian hat. 
he liked this get-up better. you can tell by his "ahhhh yeah" face here. 

^^ the dedicated members of the family who cooked and glazed the goodness you see below.
^^ the best halloween tradition chez the whites. over 200 donuts and
 fritters were made and devoured, making for one deliciously low-cal holiday.
^^ no make-up needed to make this boy ghoulish white. you can imagine how slightly scary
it is to see him occasionally standing up at his crib in the middle of the night staring over at us.

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