Tuesday, October 7, 2014


yeah, yeah. I know what you're thinking: another post on running? but you guuuuys, this was the real deal. the big kahuna. the full-fatted monty marathon - all 26.2 miles that, once upon a time, ended up killing a man named pheidippides after he ran from marathon to athens (yes, I sure did look that up). I mean, clearly the poor fellow didn't train for months on months, didn't have gel packs and/or water/gatorade offered to him every few miles by smiling volunteers, and he really didn't have a set pace besides RUN FAST. so, I can see why he collapsed and died.

so, my question is: why why WHY do we feel the need to do something that KILLED someone else?

okay, let me go ahead and answer that for you:
because we're crazy.

pheidippides aside (ha, that is something I will probably never write again), it was incredible to run this race. the top of utah marathon is in logan, utah (obviously in UT given the name) and the first half of the race is a nice, graded downhill with flat portions and small hills at the end. I've been lucky enough to train with two sweet friends and bonnie, phil's marathon-conquering mother, and we had so much good conversation on the way down. around mile 18, we meet up with bonnie (since she ran from the finish to meet and run back with us), and it wasn't until mile 20 or 21 that the race became really difficult. each mile from there on was just, well, hard. those last few miles were reminiscent of when I was in labor with simon in the sense that,

1. the pain was real (and sometimes a little mind-consuming),
2. it seemed to have no near end in sight,
3. you just had to keep going, and
4. in that I felt the need to groan with each breath out.

 don't worry, I did my best to resist the last part. you're just chomping at the bit to run one yourself now, huh huh? despite the birthing similarities, reprieve came in the form of aid stations and the perfect pacing beat of "shake it off," my taytay epidural, if you will.

okay, enough with this strange metaphor.

as I neared the finish, phil and simon spotted us from the crowd and came onto the course to run a short distance with me. at that moment, I realized that you shouldn't mix mama hormones, running long distances, and desperation because an attack on my sympathetic system ensued. let's just say that there were not only tears at the sight of them but also a sudden lack of bladder control. tears on both ends. (no, there's no taking back what you just read). and, to those who are unsure, you can run whilst attempting a kegel. it was very cute. you're welcome. in any case, the finish line arrived along with more tears (face ones), emotions (including one that spurred a reactionary "never again! never ever ever again!"), and many cartons of chocolate milk. it felt unreal that I had accomplished this goal, a goal once perceived to be impossible. like, really impossible. and as my own biggest doubter, I was happy to have surprised myself.

in all, I'm grateful for this body. it may be ultra trite, but we can do amazing things with ourselves. it takes time and meeting incremental goals, but it all adds up to being part of our life experiences. plus, there's something about the little details of the journey leading up to the marathon that make for happy memories: all the early saturday mornings. gloves with tank tops. caffeinated cliff blocks. gas station bathrooms. the gossip that kept us moving. the life stories. aching knees and hips. that ever-flowing water fountain up provo canyon...

and, you know, I think I'll do it all again
(after I forget all the hard parts).

^^ our pasta dinner the night before. carbalicious!

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  1. Congrats! What an accomplishment!! From one who knows... Keep up on the Kegels!