Wednesday, October 1, 2014

in and out

on sunday afternoon, simon went down for his usual extended afternoon nap and phil went to a friend's house leaving me to tend the sleeping boy. of all babyhood, these are my favorite naps - the afternoon ones that are long and where I usually decide, "nap for baby = nap for mom." however, not 15 minutes after phil left and I snuggled into a siesta too, simon decided to forget that he had any notion of sleep and was chipper as a bird in his crib. so, we played on the floor with his toys and I read him the colors book while he mastered turning the pages,.as I sat there with him, I realized (and confirmed with a calendar) that that day marked the exact amount of days from simon's birth that I had actually been pregnant with him; 40 weeks and 2 days in and 40 weeks and 2 days out. to commemorate the occasion, I set up the camera (on his crib) and took this array of photos. some of them are a little overexposed (I'm no awesome photographer...), but I love having pictures of us. they're special to me now and will be as he gets bigger and grows up much further beyond the days and weeks he spent inside of me. 

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