Friday, October 24, 2014

alpine loop & bruges

^^ it was a pajamas-all-day sort of day for simonpants. just wish I
could pull that off...

two mondays ago for family night, we drove through the canyon to see the changes that the season has brought to our mountainsides. talk about giga-gorgeous and a real feast of colors for our eyes! after the drive, we enjoyed a few belgian favorites (the mitraillette and the the carbonnade) at bruges waffle & frites on center street. the last time I ate carbonnade was when we were in france last year with friends and they took us to a place on the belgium border. the flemish stew, or carbonnade, was ordered at the enthusiastic recommendation of our thrilled-to-meet-some-americans waitress; she detected an accent through my french ("ah, madame, est-ce que je d├ętecte un peu d'un accent?") and quickly suggested that we give the stew a try. so glad we did, and so glad we could have it again.

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