Monday, October 6, 2014

a funny night

we discovered jim gaffigan a few months ago, and ever since he's been our love affair with funny. the man is outright! if you have netflix (which I know you do - whether you've got your own or you're still using your parent's/sibling's/friend's/5th free trial with random email address), go right now and watch his mr. universe stand-up routine. go. now. seriously. for me, the best part is that jim gaffigan is not only crazy funny but he's not vulgar. maybe it's just me but somehow crudeness just takes away from a comedian's act - like, it's too easy to go that way and it takes true wit and cleverness to find another way to generate laughs. 

anyway, in late august we found out that he was coming to salt lake and were able to get tickets. however (as you'll see below), we purchased our tickets a little late in the game and, at that point, there were no two seats next to each other! but, hello, we still had to had to go. so, even though we sat a few rows apart, the night was a roaring blast. also, I don't know about you, but it's always interesting to discover what kind of laughers you have sitting around you. the guy next to me was one of those stuttering laughers - "uh ha, uh ha, uh HA!"-  and the lady behind me had this normal laugh that would, randomly and without any warning, enter into a high pitched squeal.

^^ can you spot the phil? 

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  1. He sounds hilarious! We actually do not have Netflix, unless you count the movies by mail... Which doesn't work, because you can only order DVD's :-)