Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 months

the munchkin boy is 10 months old (as of yesterday), and I just love this age on him. 

he is happy and calm (unless he's hungry - but who doesn't get a little hangry? like, don't mess with me when I haven't eaten my matinal oatmeal yet).

he's always on the verge of a laugh, and he babbles and entertains himself with his toys, his crawling adventures, or our full-length mirror. sometimes in the morning, he'll crawl into the closet where I sit and do my makeup in front of the mirror and just stare; the finer points of foundation application really seem to fascinate him. 

he finally has two bottom teeth (sharp, too! just inquire with the crazy lady--me--who tried to pry out a fat wad of paper he crammed in there the other day.), more translucent hair, pulls himself up all over the place (and enjoys climbing on people who sit near him), pulls books off shelves, crumples and rips any paper within grasp (e.g. papers I grade, an Ensign magazine I left on a low shelf...), and feeds himself solids. gerber lil' crunchies are a current fave. and, with a name like that, duh, right? I mean, I'm just wondering when they'll make the big crunchies for me...

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