Wednesday, September 17, 2014

hobble creek half

I ran in another half marathon back in august, but this time a few members of phil's family participated as well. we all ran different paces and had followed various training schedules, but we cheered each other on and came together at the end. I think I've mentioned this before, but running has not been an easy thing for me (wah wah wah, I know, but I now have SO MUCH RESPECT for runners and people who just love running because, dang. suffering. pain. what planet did you come from?). but, over the past few months it has become an important outlet both physically and mentally. as much as I looooove (not.) waking up at 5 AM on saturday mornings, there is satisfaction and motivation that comes from doing something difficult and pushing my body to greater and greater distances. it's nearly addicting, but probably better for me than, like, cocaine.

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