Friday, August 8, 2014

"we're here for rsl!"

last wednesday we headed up to the to rio tinto stadium with some family for a soccer match between the new york red bulls (who wore blue jerseys??) and real salt lake. now, not only do phil and I LOVE soccer but I also have a secret not-so-secret crush on kyle beckerman's dreadlocks. so, as you can imagine, I was real grateful for the opportunity to watch some quality soccer AND watch those awesome dreads run around the pitch. also, fun fact: did you know that I played soccer for most of my childhood and into high school? AYSO all the way! we created the best team names too. for example, my nine year-old team: the CRANBERRY CATS! intimidating, right?

aaaanyway, we thought that simon should learn early on that soccer is important (as well as dreadlocks - but we place less importance on them since baby will never have enough hair in the near future to attempt them). we took the frontrunner (my first time!) and another train to the stadium, and simon enjoyed the ride so much that he spit up his fruity puffs down the front of his shirt (see below).

^^ we had a pretty good view of the action.

^^ we were a little nervous taking simon to the game since we figured that there would, obviously, be a lot of noise. but, I cut an earplug in half, put them in his ears, and secured them down with one of my headbands. and, you know, he did so great at the game! he was bouncy and happy throughout the entire thing. at one point when we scored a goal, the intense cheering around us didn't even phase him. instead, he kinda fed into the crowd vibe and when the excitement rose before attempts at the goal, he would get all wiggly and do an excited squeal. the only time he fussed was right at the end of the game when we were walking out of the stadium, so he just buried his head and tuckered out.

^^ I love wearing simon in the carrier. haha, kinda sounds like he's an accessory, but he's sure is the cutest thing I can put on. after the game, a group of teenagers up on the bleachers yelled down to me, "baby backpack! baby backpack!" so I obliged them with a two-step dance with simon in the ergo.

^^ so much flash and so much baby pout.

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  1. From the look of things, Simon "gets" that soccer is important! Front Runner is also a lot of fun!