Thursday, August 28, 2014

california trip - avila beach barn

on our way home from grandma's we stopped by the avila beach barn. we've been coming to this place since I was in middle school and only so because we happened across it during a trip up the coast and now come as often as we can. they sell lots of local products and produce (the PLUMS!! so. good.), have a fun petting zoo outside, a maze made out of haystacks (though kinda scary if you get claustrophobic), and a hayride out to their huge apple orchard where you can pick your own. it's just this sweet farm in the middle of a quiet central coast town.

^^ a crisp peach or a peach crisp anyone?
^^ simon's was not much of a horse lover. at this point he was more a lover of naps.

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  1. Tried to comment, but nothing happened after pushing the publish button. So, I'll try again! Just wondering where this fun and entertaining property is located. Is it in Southern or Northern California? You are such a cute family!!