Saturday, August 23, 2014


well, I'm sure feeling lazy today, and it's time I packed up our things for our trip back home. so, while I try to gather my thoughts about this wonderful CA visit and this happy time spent with my family (although, there have been a few tense games of settlers of catan...), I'll just go ahead and dump a boatload of pictures (and obnoxious captions) on this here space of internet that I've taken over these past few weeks. they've been milling around my recent pictures folder and they're just begging for exposure. 
get it? exposure.

that was a camera joke.

^^ emily, phil's sister, is a magician with the paintbrush.

^^ the morning that I stayed in bed a long time.
some mornings just call for that, you know?
^^ our fiesta puff ball wall

^^ at a wedding with my best girlfriend and my best boyfriends
^^ date with the non-smiler. he's just loves when we do a selfie...
^^ but, see? he takes after me. all smiles for the camera.

^^ 6am runs. yum.
^^ the baby beluga living at our house. so white and wiggly.
^^ after pounding the pavement for an hour there was little of these smiles left.
^^ "yo mama, where's my dinner?"

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