Sunday, August 31, 2014

california trip - where it all began

^^ my fellas

^^ funky, Gumby-esque body bend going on here.

we made a stop at the LA temple on our way home from grandma's during our vacation. we spent less than twenty minutes walking around its grounds and it ended up taking us three extra hours to get home (thank you, afternoon traffic. gah.), but it was worth it worth it worth it. though brief, I just loved being in the place where our family began and this time with our simon lad in tow.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

california trip - avila beach barn

on our way home from grandma's we stopped by the avila beach barn. we've been coming to this place since I was in middle school and only so because we happened across it during a trip up the coast and now come as often as we can. they sell lots of local products and produce (the PLUMS!! so. good.), have a fun petting zoo outside, a maze made out of haystacks (though kinda scary if you get claustrophobic), and a hayride out to their huge apple orchard where you can pick your own. it's just this sweet farm in the middle of a quiet central coast town.

^^ a crisp peach or a peach crisp anyone?
^^ simon's was not much of a horse lover. at this point he was more a lover of naps.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


well, I'm sure feeling lazy today, and it's time I packed up our things for our trip back home. so, while I try to gather my thoughts about this wonderful CA visit and this happy time spent with my family (although, there have been a few tense games of settlers of catan...), I'll just go ahead and dump a boatload of pictures (and obnoxious captions) on this here space of internet that I've taken over these past few weeks. they've been milling around my recent pictures folder and they're just begging for exposure. 
get it? exposure.

that was a camera joke.

^^ emily, phil's sister, is a magician with the paintbrush.

^^ the morning that I stayed in bed a long time.
some mornings just call for that, you know?
^^ our fiesta puff ball wall

^^ at a wedding with my best girlfriend and my best boyfriends
^^ date with the non-smiler. he's just loves when we do a selfie...
^^ but, see? he takes after me. all smiles for the camera.

^^ 6am runs. yum.
^^ the baby beluga living at our house. so white and wiggly.
^^ after pounding the pavement for an hour there was little of these smiles left.
^^ "yo mama, where's my dinner?"

Friday, August 22, 2014

california trip - grandma's house

we've been on a california vacation this past week. we rented a car, packed up our bags, threw in four boxes of fruit snacks (duh), and drove down the 15 freeway for hours and hours arriving in my little hometown late sunday night ONLY to pack up again the next day and go up north to visit grandma betty. woooh! but, the extra car time was worth it because grandma is kinda incredible and being around her is such a feel-good lovefest. I mean, the woman exudes happiness, goodness and has an angelic way about her. grandpa passed away a few years ago, and ever since his passing her days consist of visiting his grave in the local cemetery, walking for miles and miles along the beach, and reading the scriptures. she is, as she said on the phone to me a few weeks ago, "living the rest of my life to truly become as good and perfect as I can to prepare to meet God." this visit also marked the first time that phil and I have seen her since we stopped by during our honeymoon trip and the first time for her to meet simon as well as his two new cousins, lorelai and arla. when it was his turn on her lap, simon was not super gentle with grandma's frailness (grabbing at her delicate skin and "patting" her face), but she loved on him nonetheless and he smiled his cheeks out while she held him.  

^^ I had to do a bit of supervision.

 ^^ simon the breakdancer showing off his moves. what, what!

^^ the whole cummins crew with grandma
^^ after a few sweet hours with grandma, we all went to eat at our favorite local restaurant and then headed to the nearby park and beach. we played frisbee and also spied a group of humpback whales spouting and surfacing while we sat on the beach.

Friday, August 15, 2014

the graduate

so happy that our families could be here in utah for phil's gradation. it's a long story,
but he's graduating with his degree in physics now and finishing up his master's in
statistics next april. all in all, he's just a smart smart boy and I'm in awe of his hard work.
I just hope some of it will rub off on me.

^^ phil gave a speech at the graduation ceremonies for his college.