Thursday, July 17, 2014

where we go out OR all I can think about is frank

okay, I know. who's frank, right? 

it's not as juicy as you may think. he is a hot sauce. you know, frank's hot sauce? don't tell me you don't love him too. we've had a pretty serious relationship for the past few years. when I moved out to college way back in 2006 (old!), my dad in his infinite knowledge of my culinary needs packed me a bottle for use in my new dorm home (or "horm." how do you like that new word I just minted? yeah, me neither.). and, I'm quite sure that a bottle of it found its way to new caledonia during my mission. thanks again, dad. now, every time we go to sam's club, phil has to convince me that it isn't an economically sound idea to buy the gallon size.

anyway, a few months ago (or last year?), carl's jr. came out with these blue cheese buffalo waffle fries that clog all the main arteries leading to your heart just thinking about them. I know you probably avoided them since they looked so full of hydrogenated oils and fats and carbs. let me just clue you in: THEY WERE AND THEY WERE SO GOOD! and bad. so so so bad. the first time I tried them we were on a road trip to california. funny how all the worst (and when I say worst, I mean best) eating decisions happen on road trips. so much red bull and gummy worms. anyway, around 11pm we stopped at a gas station and the light of a neighboring carl's jr called out. I ordered these fries and my life was CHANGED! I don't even like blue cheese much. but, the frank's sauce!

now, fast forward to last week when we went to cubby's. this place is for real's delicious. hambugers that go by names such as "dragonslayer" and houdini" and a tri-tip salad that'll take you (as it took me) to the moon and back. but guys, the clencher? they had blue cheese buffalo fries! and, now, it didn't specify what buffalo sauce it used, but I ordered with faith, believing and hoping that they would use the only hot buffalo sauce they should. I even went out on a limb and ordered extra sauce. yeah, and before I continue, I know what you are thinking and all I got to say is whatever, I was hungry. when that bowl of fries came to the table, the first bite confirmed that these fries had been blessedly covered in the magic red. 

all of this to say that the three of us went on a date and it was fun and delicious and I was grateful to get out (bc these old bones of mine love to lounge at home). and, this is also to say that I was grateful not to be dressed up as a cow in the chick-fil-a across the parking lot. that wait did not look fun.

^^ salad to balance out the extra saucy fries? do the cosmos
work in this way? 
^^  I die.

yes, I did write an entire post dedicated to a sauce.
and, yes, you just read it. you will never get back the past three minutes.

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