Thursday, July 10, 2014

half marathon

this is a bit belated but
I ran a half marathon!
okay, it wasn't just "a" half marathon - it was my first. way back in november, I remember feeling very physically limited. you know, 8+ months of pregnancy can do that to a girl, and going to school and teaching my class was exercise enough for me. truly, school and teaching were a saving grace; they kept me going, thinking, feeling good (or helped me forget the sometimes crummy moments of being very "with child"), allowed me to be motivated for others when I wasn't always motivated for me. I promised myself at that point that once the doctor gave me clearance at the six week postpartum visit I would start running. it has been hard for me. I don't believe I have a runner's body, and I am by no means the "endurance" type. even now, I don't especially love running. but, I don't hate it either. it makes me feel good and I like feeling that I've done okay at (and kept up with) something that doesn't come naturally to me. with the training for this race (and two more races I am doing in the next few months? what? who am I?) I just wanted/want to prove to myself that I could do something hard, something I had never done.

anyway, the american fork half went well. the first half of the race is a nice downhill run. it's not too steep, but it sure did a number on my thighs (manifest the next day when I could barely walk, and let's not even talk about stairs). unfortunately, around mile 10 I thought I was a goner - like, "c'mon legs, I need you!" we started off the race a little too fast at the beginning (chalking it up to race day excitement), and it cost me near the end. but, I was still able to run it all and finish with a time that I was happy about. 

^^ can you tell that I am SO GLAD to finish.
like, eyes-closed-praising-the-heavens glad.

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