Monday, July 28, 2014

bike ride

we went on a bike & burrito's date a few weekends ago. nice alliteration there, right? we'd been talking about taking a good, long bike ride for a while now, and phil took up the initiative to fill up our bikes' tires (they have been sad and deflated in the garage for too long). on our ride we followed the provo river trail, a path that I have traveled many a time with friends, but this was the first time that phil and I rode on it together. along the way, we found this massive swing just off the path and I made us stop so we could give it a proper try. well, phil gave me a few initial pushes that were so effective that that picture up there was taken a good 5 seconds before I nearly crashed into a tree. good thing I still had on that adorable helmet.

after our biking mini-adventure, we had some burrito goodness at a favorite nearby place. whoever thought of the california burrito and putting fries and steak in it deserves a special lakeside condo in heaven with a massive swing that won't glide them into a large sycamore.

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