Wednesday, July 2, 2014

anniversary adventures

for our anniversary this year we stayed local and spent a low-key day together. phil planned last year's little getaway, so this year it was my turn to plan some activities for us to do.

^^ I know it isn't much to look at, but I made these open-faced breakfast sandwiches in the morning. they're phil's favorites: toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese topped with a soft fried egg and slices of turkey. I like to dip mine in heinz 57 sauce. they are so so good! 
^^ in high school, phil and I both took ceramics classes. I took one my senior year with the craziest, sweetest old man hippie. during the class hour, we would listen to jack johnson while throwing at the wheels, and everyone would be quiet and focused in making their projects. it was awesome. phil also took a few classes and would help out his ceramics teacher at children's event, but the both of us haven't thrown in a while. it doesn't seem as though there are a lot of open wheels in the area that we know of, but a google search helped me find a studio nearby where you could rent wheels by the hour and purchase clay. we had such a fun time reconnecting with an art form that we enjoy. our pots (further below) aren't perfect and neither was my technique (you can see just below that I got the clay too wet too fast which made it difficult to center - had to wedge it and start over), but once we glaze and fire them, it'll be neat to have something to remember the day by. we also made a pact to someday buy a wheel for ourselves.  

^^ phil's two pots
^^ my attempt at a bowl. it's in need of a trim.
^^ after our pot-throwing adventures, we hit up the local grocery store for picnic snacks (including some excellent sushi - thank you, Smith's!) and then headed over to my new addiction, Sodalicious, for some so delicious libations (see what I did there?). with our fare in hand, we went down to utah lake and enjoyed a little picnic on the shore. 

^^ we picked up our sweet simon pants after our picnic, came home, read and put him down for the night. after he fell asleep, we took these silly (but interesting!) quizzes, talked about plans and goals for the upcoming year, ate chocolate creamies, and cuddled before going to bed ourselves.
I really love anniversaries.

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