Thursday, July 24, 2014

7 months

^^ this face reminds me so much of phil

dinosaur roars and growling aside, this beluga baby is one happy camper. simon's all gummy smiles from when he wakes up to when he goes down to sleep. however, he teeters between giddy happy and weepy sad when he is going to sleep at night. he'll be in his crib going crazy with this loony machine-gun laugh (sounds like a line of staccato notes) and suddenly he's like, "" (mostly because he has pulled out and cannot reinsert that blasted binkie). after a few minutes of these dramatics, he'll conk out with his arms flailed to his sides or gripping the bars of the crib. it's comical, really. as for eating, he's still not super into solids, although he's getting better. we've realized that he really just likes to feel like he has power and "feed" himself. I put that in quotes because so much more ends up on him and the floor than in his mouth. the only thing he'll actually initiate eating are those small melt-away puffs. I'll also enjoy a handful or two... what? yes. simon's also rolling all over the place and is on the cusp of crawling. like, his hands push him up and he'll get that rump up in the air and then, "nah, just kidding, parentals." we've recently discovered that he loves going to the pool and swim around with our total assistance. as for his looks, the babe's still pretty bald and toothless, but he has these amazing, chunky thighs that make up for anything he may be lacking.

oh, and I can I just say that I am grateful that this child has an affinity for sleeping in until at least until 9 every morning. good gracious, thank you for that. 

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