Monday, June 30, 2014

two years together

it's our 2 year anniversary of marriage today, and I have many happy memories from all that transpired 730 days ago (!) and all the days in between. I remember that after the ceremony at the temple and all the pictures outside (and the nice shoulder sunburn, of course - this is me), phil and I were driving back to my home for the reception. we got stuck in traffic (only on a southern california freeway on a saturday...) and had a few moments to really look at each other and laugh incredulously at the fact that WE. WERE. MARRIED. we felt burdens lifted - the burden of waiting, the burden of time spent looking and not finding, the burden of unsurety, the burden of curfews and driving each other home late at night when it would have been much preferably just to sleep next to each other. there we were, on the 91 freeway, and we felt peace knowing that we could and would always be together.

I love that our most cherished commitments take place and become concrete and real in the form of words. in marriage, the person conducting the ceremony says certain words, then the bride and groom say certain words and then, poof, those words, those products of our mouths and vocal cords, become a creative power. they create a bond. they cement a covenant. in a time where the power of words seems to often fall short and where people do not respect their power or their own word, these types of words and their exchange still carry weight. they are still incredibly significant. I am grateful for the words we exchanged two years ago that have allowed phil and I to become one and to create our family. last year on our one year anniversary, we found out that simon was a boy. phil's uncle, a doctor, met us at the clinic and did an ultrasound. within seconds ad before our uncle could point them out, I saw what made simon a simon (and let's just say, he wasn't shy about his boyhood). now today, on our two year anniversary we get to celebrate not only our life together as a pair but our life together with our sweet 6 month old. life has been generous to us.

so, happy anniversary to my late-night movie watching partner, my smoothie-maker, my oreo lover, my picker-upper, my silly-faces-in-the-bathroom-mirror-as-we-brush-our-teeth-maker, simon's early morning bottle warmer, his diaper changer, our hard worker, my math and programming nerd, my scripture studier, my example, my sports lover, my rational thinker, my life's co-author, my secret holder, my companion, my best friend, my handsome man, my love, my greatest blessing,
my philip white.

here's to a happy forever together.

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  1. What a beautiful thought and tribute. Your little family is incredible!