Thursday, May 1, 2014

wedding weekend in the bay area

(photo by emily sparks)

we attended phil's brother's wedding this past weekend in northern california. his bride is one of the sweetest girls and already a dear friend (and totally gorgeous, right?), and I am thrilled for their union. it was wonderful to be with phil's family and our sweet nieces and nephews (including simon's "cousin-girlfriend," imogen, who was born the day after simon). and, the weather? talk about perfect bay area sunshine, and the place we stayed was crazy beautiful too. like, I remember turning to phil and saying, "oh, guess what? we're moving." even days after, it's like a song stuck in my head; I keep thinking about it all the time - the scenery, the green, the perfect spring temperatures...

I'll tuck my hopes to live there away for another day
and get on the move with some photos from the wedding day:
^^ cousin love
^^ a bouquet of baby's breath

^^ I think this is the last time si's chubby legs are going to fit in these pants.
^^ edible tie? must be. and, can you tell that si doesn't tan often?
^^ some classy girls
^^only an aunt could give a smooch like that.
^^ overloading grandpa

from sunday afternoon in sf:

^^ " yes, I'll take one of each."

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