Tuesday, May 27, 2014

oh, hey!

we're alive.

I took that crazy MA exam two weeks ago and
spent the week leading up to it in the library. 
shout-out to the fifth floor regulars. we're all friends now.
that is, if you consider sitting around the same
people for four days straight without ever speaking to
them as "friendship." one guy and I shared
a meaningful conversation the third day:

"hey," he says, "you've been here every day this week. what are you in for."
"master's exam. you?"
*exchange looks of understanding.*

to the great relief (and surprise) of all concerned, 
my committee shook my hand, said "félicitations," and
said that I passed.
and then I almost passed out. 
not literally. but, like, my mind collapsed and 
all I wanted was deluxe chili cheese fries from del taco. 
that happens to normal people, right? 
they told me to celebrate. that's how I did it.
so now I have a, you know, thesis to write about this guy
named Balzac, but having this one final goal
to reach is relieving.

so, in commemoration of this great sunny tuesday
and of me finally reemerging/recovering from exams, here is
the most random photo conglomeration 
of our life as of recent.

^^ bright toes.
^^ provo bakery delights.
^^ thighs for days.
^^post-MA exam food celebration. you'd think french 
would sophisticate my tastes. wrong.
^^ mango mango mango.
^^ phil had to do a project for a GE class (that he put off until now). 
it required tapping into our 7 year old selves. 
this is "bread of life" in wheat berries and split peas.
^^ so gone.
^^ starting solids and
^^ getting so professional at it.
^^ strawberry lemonade and
^^ my tall glass of water.
^^ caption??
^^ simon's new favorite. it's has this super fancy kangaroo motif with
a kangaroo face (with buck teeth??), a joey in the pocket and a long brown tail.
it was the only type at the store.
we were desperate.

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