Tuesday, April 1, 2014


yeah, we pull off the whole matching mom-and-son jailbird outfits. didn't you know? it's a thing right now.
but only right now and only here at my house.  

and, it was unintentional/
perhaps a manifestation of my inner psyche.

so, today while showering (yes, I know I made you think I didn't do that here), I had a rush of happy thoughts which, summed up, were, "yeah, life is so good!"  

these thoughts, however, may have been influenced by the fact that this was,
1.) during one of simon's long naps (bless that baby!) which 
2.) allowed me an extended, hot shower at
3.) 11am on my
4.) day off from school where
5.) I ate pumpkin chocolate chip bread and
6.) pizza quesadillas and
7.) watched a funny french play.

so, all circumstances considered, life is grand.

but, even on fussy baby dirty hair woke up to put that bloody binky back in his mouth all night long wore leggings all day didn't get out of the house it's too cold outside I just want to nap I'm in a crazy funk moody yuck I miss phil when he's at school/work I just need an ugly cry in the bathroom tests are looming we forgot to get food and gas and we're eating cereal for dinner days, life is still so good to us and

I'm grateful and happy to be where we are, to have each other, to have loving families, to be healthy and to, simply, just
be alive.

and for ice cream.
always for ice cream.

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