Thursday, April 24, 2014


this post is a bit belated, but last tuesday was the last day of the semester and finals time usually means that we stop cooking (not that we do a lot of that anyway...) and start eating a lot of granola bars and pop tarts. obviously, not the best fare. instead of the normal "hmmm, you thinking cereal? yeah, me too." we decided to try out this newer place on ninth east called emanuel's. I was jonesing for some good mexican food and it was my night to choose (another new rule that came out of this experience). I saw that emanuel's had a good rating on urbanspoon, so once phil got home from scouts (aka: tying knots and then playing dodge ball with a bunch of 11 year old boys) we jetted over there. however, when we pulled in, parked, and had nearly jumped out of the car (we get a little excited when we're hungry) we realized that phil didn't have his wallet with him and, duh, of course I didn't have mine (because only a responsible adult/parent/human would have remembered their's). SO we drove back home and then back to emanuel's, and that was tons of fun. no, but seriously, simon was chilling in his carseat and phil and I got to chat, so it was all good.

and then it got better
because I ordered these massive carne asada nachos
and BOOM! life was complete and beautiful. and I am kicking
myself for not having the presence of mind to have taken a
photo of the beauty that was those nachos. then again, I did forget
something as essential as a wallet, so we need to just stop expecting very much
 from me at all. and, besides, once those nachos hit the table, it was go time
and I forgot that I even had a camera or a husband or a baby
because NACHOS! oh, and phil got this awesome chimichanga,
but I didn't take much time to look at it because I only had eyes
 for the beloved layers of chips and cheese and goodness on my plate.

this is all to say that emanuel's is crazy delicious, but
if you go, don't forget your wallet because you don't want anything
to get between you and those nachos. or that chimichanga.
(but you're really just gonna want the nachos. just saying.)

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  1. Laurel. You are so funny! I just love to read your blog. Emmanuel's sound like a great place.. We'll have to check it out. And, could you send me your new a address? I have something I want to stop by.