Sunday, April 13, 2014

date night choices

I don't know if you've ever had this problem, but when phil and
I go out on dates we aren't good at being decisive about where we eat. 
so, here we are: it's friday night. simon's with grandma. 
windows are down and we're cruising along center street, 
and the all-too-familiar conversation begins anew:

"what do you want to eat?"
"hmmm, I don't know. what do you want to eat?" 
and then in Jungle Book-esque fashion (remember that scene with the vultures?)
we somehow end up asking that question 
again and again
over the next hour driving around the provo/orem area in an effort 
to find a place that will satisfy our wishy-washy minds. 

what about______? asks phil. 
no. not feeling that. says laurel. 
what about ______? asks laurel. 
okay, great. says phil. 
wait, hmmm, maybe not. says laurel.
sigh. says phil.

so, in all honestly, it's my fault that we're cruising around progressing through the stages of hungry to hurustrated to hangry. we've been down this path before and usually remedy it by just giving up and going to our classic fall-back, el gallo giro (which we LOVE!). yet, we wanted to "try something new!" and "go to that new [insert nationality] place!" but somehow that wasn't flying this time. 

at one point, I'm in the passenger seat with my head on my knees and I'm like, "I have a problem" and phil suggests that he just choose with finality where we dine and that I cannot say anything. he drives us back to center street and back to the restaurant that we had almost entered nearly an hour before (like, an hour before we had parked, walked to and opened the door to this restaurant, and on the very cusp of entering I said, "nah" and we kept going on our vain vain search). and, you know what? it was great! and that silly hour spent analyzing every eating establishment's merits melted away into fry-sauced cover sp fries and a glorious bowl of fettuccine. and it was just the two of us laughing, and it was wonderful. 

and, once our satisfied bellies made us rational humans again,
we came up with a new date night rule:
have snacks in the car for the ride.

^^do you see his hunger-driven determination?

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