Monday, March 10, 2014

still breathing

oh hey. we're still alive around here.
 I'm pretty sure that school, work, and this childrearing buisness
have it out for us though with their combining of forces. 

so, all I can muster at the moment are some pictures,
but I will soon (hours? days? weeks? what does this "soon" mean?)
 tell you all about:

1. how philip had a birthday and has been around for a quarter of a century
 and how I surprised him so well.
2. how I became a single-parent for four days (and,
let's just say, it's not a good color on me).
3. how I became a member of the instagram world (@phlaurelann).
4. how little si is growing up into this big, handsome, smily baby.
6. how our march date went. 
7. how french literature is the best thing and, yet, how it may kill me.
8. and other stuff that I can't remember right now. you know
when there's so much that has happened over a certain period of time
and then you're put on the spot such that you can't remember anything
yeah, having a moment like that
right now.

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