Wednesday, March 26, 2014

oh, hey. (and when I go on a tangent about showering? yes.)

oh hey. just chilling here with my cap'n crunch berries, aka: my little piece of morning heaven. once I burrito simon up (yes, it's a verb) and he gives into his fatigue (being awake for 1.5 hours is rough) the cap'n is like a little bowl of pat-on-my-back. it means I am cruising through another morning without pulling out my hair and perhaps even being able to wash it. speaking of clean hair, I'm actually not the biggest fan of showering on a daily basis. is that gross? can you believe I am telling you this? tmi? 

but, I still do because social norms dictate such behavior (and I like to go with the flow. ha.), but the clencher is that I just don't like having to get dry. The showering part is great, and if life were a constant warm shower, sign me up forever, but, at one point you have to get out. and then you're cold. and then you have to put on lotion to avoid the skin scales. and then you have to get dressed. and then you have to dry/do something with your hair. 

yeah, it's rough. 

and then you have baby/babies and showers become even trickier (and you with plural children, how do you do it? wizardry.). these days I have to time them just right, especially if I don't want to have to streak across the room mid-scrub to get the calming power that is binky back into si's mouth (which he spits out with incredible trajectory and then is like, "wait, I wanted that.") which is sure to

a.) create puddles on the carpet, and
b.) give the neighbors a show.

true, my idea of "decency" more or less went out the window when I gave birth ("oh, the random guy training to be a paramedic wants to come in and observe as I push the baby out? well, sure, the more the merrier."), but a small degree of it remains ever constant.

anyway, all this nonsense to say that I thought I'd profit from the sugar buzz (again, thanks cap'n) and simon's nap to put up some photos from these past few days.

^^^ who's taller??

^^^ homework helper

^^^ someone's becoming infatuated with himself

^^^ praying? eating? both?

^^^ motherhood is pretty neat

^^^ needed some reinforcements for the face-scratcher

^^^ light reading? 

^^^ silly faces from sinnamon
^^^ love this manly man

^^^ remember me mentioning these donuts? they are long gone.
^^^ truelove
^^^ a branch from the backyard that has solved all my necklace problems

^^^ get me dressed
^^^ sweet simon feet

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