Thursday, March 13, 2014

birthday boy

this is belated by nearly two weeks
but we had a birthday
around these parts! someone
is a quarter of a century old! huzzuh!
on the big day, I kept saying, on
accident, that phil was now "half a century old."
so, either he looks reeeeeally good for his
age (and I'm sure he'll still be desperately handsome
at 50 years of age) or I'm occasionally rusty in the fractions area.
yeah, it's the latter.

I asked phil want he wanted to do
on the night of his birthday, and he said,

so, we went to miracle bowl (a truly miraculous place?), and
phil remembered to bring socks. I did not.
thank heavens that not only did they have a vending machine that sold
some classy pairs but that I had the two dollars in cash
ready to make those babies fall from their slot.
that must have been the whole miracle the place was referring to.

we bowled two games. of course, I let phil win both games. by a lot.
it was his birthday, so, you know, I had to give him a break and
not shut him out completely.
but, seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm the type of person
who secretly (not so secretly) wants those kiddie bumper lanes
so I can feel good about my bowling skills
without actually having any.

  ^^lolo vs. bubup. intense.

^^ dinner for the famished birthday bowlers.

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