Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 months

si's current favorite activities are staring at himself in the mirror (it calms him down when he's fussy), sucking on his fists during tummy time, blowing spit bubbles, and standing on his feet (with help). he's so smiley and lets out bursts of sweet laughter often during the day. though, he has become more sensitive than in the past, so when we see he is tired or hungry we have to act fast or else he lets us know that he isn't pleased... he only wakes up once during the night for a feeding, and this momma is SO.GRATEFUL for that. although, we still don't enjoy as much sleep as he does; we've been getting to bed late as of recent since the semester is fast wrapping up and phil and I have papers, tests, programming, work, and all that academic jazz to finish up. plus, I have this kinda massive french MA exam next month and I may or may not be in a constant haze of authors, works, figures of style, terms, time periods, how everything connects, how everything compares and contrasts... phil has a similar exam too for his program, and we may have to pawn this sweet babes off to a babysitter come end of april (crunch time!). still, we always seem to make it through successfully and happier for all that we have learned and experienced. 

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