Monday, March 31, 2014

the march date

was a tribute to frank sinatra concert, or, as the pianst
who once worked with him said, a "mr. sinatra" concert.
oh! it was jazzy and sultry and good for our souls.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

oh, hey. (and when I go on a tangent about showering? yes.)

oh hey. just chilling here with my cap'n crunch berries, aka: my little piece of morning heaven. once I burrito simon up (yes, it's a verb) and he gives into his fatigue (being awake for 1.5 hours is rough) the cap'n is like a little bowl of pat-on-my-back. it means I am cruising through another morning without pulling out my hair and perhaps even being able to wash it. speaking of clean hair, I'm actually not the biggest fan of showering on a daily basis. is that gross? can you believe I am telling you this? tmi? 

but, I still do because social norms dictate such behavior (and I like to go with the flow. ha.), but the clencher is that I just don't like having to get dry. The showering part is great, and if life were a constant warm shower, sign me up forever, but, at one point you have to get out. and then you're cold. and then you have to put on lotion to avoid the skin scales. and then you have to get dressed. and then you have to dry/do something with your hair. 

yeah, it's rough. 

and then you have baby/babies and showers become even trickier (and you with plural children, how do you do it? wizardry.). these days I have to time them just right, especially if I don't want to have to streak across the room mid-scrub to get the calming power that is binky back into si's mouth (which he spits out with incredible trajectory and then is like, "wait, I wanted that.") which is sure to

a.) create puddles on the carpet, and
b.) give the neighbors a show.

true, my idea of "decency" more or less went out the window when I gave birth ("oh, the random guy training to be a paramedic wants to come in and observe as I push the baby out? well, sure, the more the merrier."), but a small degree of it remains ever constant.

anyway, all this nonsense to say that I thought I'd profit from the sugar buzz (again, thanks cap'n) and simon's nap to put up some photos from these past few days.

^^^ who's taller??

^^^ homework helper

^^^ someone's becoming infatuated with himself

^^^ praying? eating? both?

^^^ motherhood is pretty neat

^^^ needed some reinforcements for the face-scratcher

^^^ light reading? 

^^^ silly faces from sinnamon
^^^ love this manly man

^^^ remember me mentioning these donuts? they are long gone.
^^^ truelove
^^^ a branch from the backyard that has solved all my necklace problems

^^^ get me dressed
^^^ sweet simon feet

Monday, March 24, 2014

when we "took a walk" OR the story behind these two pictures

this past saturday was one of those beautiful, newly spring days where many people choose to go out and take hikes, scale canyon walls, take their children on long midday strolls through parks full of budding trees, enjoy picnics on the shores of lakes, and the like activities. instagram showed me what normal people do on such days.

however, chez us?

slept in.
didn't change our clothes.
watched four episodes of law and order.
ate donuts and quesadillas all day.

around 8pm we realized that we hadn't even gone outside. okay, that's not true. we did go outside. phil and si went to the store two minutes away to fetch us a noah's ark of donuts ("two of every kind", he said in reference to his tough decision when faced with the store's pastry shelf, which is wise if you want to be assured of a maple bar around these parts). I went on the obligatory seven mile run mandated by my 20 week half-marathon training, but going outside, in this case, was 1.) not to contemplate the beauty of spring, 2.) not totally enjoyable especially at mile 5 when katy perry's roar was cut short by lack of battery and I was left to stew in calf muscle burn without any musical distraction, and 3.) me going red in the face while staring at light ash gray sidewalk for over an hour. not the magical kind of outing you would hope for on a spring day/nothing instagramable. not that you should live your life in the goal of getting yet another well "hearted" instagram worthy post,

but shouldn't you?

and besides, when I came in afterwards, though proud I had actually run that far, I ate every one of those miles away in old fashioned's, so...

okay, let's get to the above pictures. it's 8pm, which is many hours, quesadillas, lennie briscoe's/ jack mccoy's, and zero gaining control of my life later, and it hits me (and then phil via me): think of the baby! he needs fresh air! he needs stimulation beyond his parents singing along to the entire kimmel/timberlake history of rap! he needs nature and the untainted flow of knowledge and experience she gives to those who seek her! we had to get our act together. okay, I had to get my act together since phil was over at the desk finishing up another stats assignment due in two weeks and I was like, "mmm, this one with the chocolate sprinkles is sooooo good." and he, at that point, had on jeans and a shirt, and I was like, "I thought we were in this together." so, I put on some stretchy skirt and a cardigan and said, "we neeeeeed to go on a walk pronto. there's still light and we need to go." simon went into the stroller, phil put on shoes, and out into the wild world we went.

about five minutes of walking elapsed when it became clear that it was too late. the sun was setting, the air was growing cold (and of course, being the wise parents we are, we forgot to put a hat on simon's exposed head), the need to fill our son with the love of nature was fast diminishing, and the blueberry frosted cruller was calling. phil suggested that we turn around. I suggested that we document our jaunt outside so that we could fondly reflect on our "saturday adventure". he smirked, and we snapped a few pictures.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

3 months

si's current favorite activities are staring at himself in the mirror (it calms him down when he's fussy), sucking on his fists during tummy time, blowing spit bubbles, and standing on his feet (with help). he's so smiley and lets out bursts of sweet laughter often during the day. though, he has become more sensitive than in the past, so when we see he is tired or hungry we have to act fast or else he lets us know that he isn't pleased... he only wakes up once during the night for a feeding, and this momma is SO.GRATEFUL for that. although, we still don't enjoy as much sleep as he does; we've been getting to bed late as of recent since the semester is fast wrapping up and phil and I have papers, tests, programming, work, and all that academic jazz to finish up. plus, I have this kinda massive french MA exam next month and I may or may not be in a constant haze of authors, works, figures of style, terms, time periods, how everything connects, how everything compares and contrasts... phil has a similar exam too for his program, and we may have to pawn this sweet babes off to a babysitter come end of april (crunch time!). still, we always seem to make it through successfully and happier for all that we have learned and experienced. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

friday freedom

there's nothing quite like a loaded salad, a big
horchata, and laughing with your two favorite guys
to make friday feel like you're already deep into 
the weekend. plus, this weather? talk about
gorgeous! something about cruising around with the 
car windows down and having it be lighter
later into the evening feels so liberating. 

please, spring, stay strong and last long. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

day of rest

sunday is my favorite day of the week. it's a sleep-in, muffin-making, dress-up, church-going, nap-taking, take some deep breaths and prepare anew type of day. the week doesn't have many days where the three of us can sleep in (and si doesn't quite understand the beauty of that concept), but sunday mornings are long and peaceful, and si will usually just snuggle up with us as we try to keep our eyes closed past 8.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

birthday boy

this is belated by nearly two weeks
but we had a birthday
around these parts! someone
is a quarter of a century old! huzzuh!
on the big day, I kept saying, on
accident, that phil was now "half a century old."
so, either he looks reeeeeally good for his
age (and I'm sure he'll still be desperately handsome
at 50 years of age) or I'm occasionally rusty in the fractions area.
yeah, it's the latter.

I asked phil want he wanted to do
on the night of his birthday, and he said,

so, we went to miracle bowl (a truly miraculous place?), and
phil remembered to bring socks. I did not.
thank heavens that not only did they have a vending machine that sold
some classy pairs but that I had the two dollars in cash
ready to make those babies fall from their slot.
that must have been the whole miracle the place was referring to.

we bowled two games. of course, I let phil win both games. by a lot.
it was his birthday, so, you know, I had to give him a break and
not shut him out completely.
but, seriously, I'm pretty sure I'm the type of person
who secretly (not so secretly) wants those kiddie bumper lanes
so I can feel good about my bowling skills
without actually having any.

  ^^lolo vs. bubup. intense.

^^ dinner for the famished birthday bowlers.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

oh, hey.

of life according to the camera's eye.

Monday, March 10, 2014

still breathing

oh hey. we're still alive around here.
 I'm pretty sure that school, work, and this childrearing buisness
have it out for us though with their combining of forces. 

so, all I can muster at the moment are some pictures,
but I will soon (hours? days? weeks? what does this "soon" mean?)
 tell you all about:

1. how philip had a birthday and has been around for a quarter of a century
 and how I surprised him so well.
2. how I became a single-parent for four days (and,
let's just say, it's not a good color on me).
3. how I became a member of the instagram world (@phlaurelann).
4. how little si is growing up into this big, handsome, smily baby.
6. how our march date went. 
7. how french literature is the best thing and, yet, how it may kill me.
8. and other stuff that I can't remember right now. you know
when there's so much that has happened over a certain period of time
and then you're put on the spot such that you can't remember anything
yeah, having a moment like that
right now.