Sunday, February 16, 2014

year of dates: february

indian food is the stuff our culinary dreams are made of. heaven is going to have lots of naan and fountains of chicken tikka masala (strange but delicious image there for you). ever since we went out to bombay house when we were engaged two years ago, we have made this a tradition each february 13th. 
^^these smiles are fueled by a tandoor oven.

after dinner, we drove up into the nearby indian hills (this is sounding like a theme...) to enjoy the view where phil proposed. I brought my journals along from the time we started dating to when we were married. it was neat to read and talk about our impressions of each other from the beginning. one of the funniest memories from our first few dates was when phil finally said, before I went home one night, "laurel, I'd love to be dating you." And, guess how I responded: "yes, thank you." yes, thank you?!??!? was I agreeing to a waiter to pour me more water?? thank goodness dear phil liked me enough to overlook that classy response.  
but, at least I was polite, right?

^^ the annual ring photo. (see 2012 and 2013 here) and, yeah, I look 
a little crizazy in this. I blame the peanut butter oreo shake after bombay 
house. friends, this is what happens when you give into gluttony.

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