Saturday, February 8, 2014

oh, hey.

this week has been a bit dreary weather-wise, but
I'm strangely relieved by the fact that it finally feels like
winter around here. not that I am a big fan of winter (ha. no.),
just that it seems more natural for snow and rain to be
around in february then temperatures in the high 40's.

highlights of the week:
- phil: receiving a sweet grant for the project he is working on.
- me: starting on a new, exciting project with a french professor and 
getting a free lunch out of it
-simon: learning how to reach out and hit the dangling elephants on his mobile
- phil: going to a basketball game with his brother
- me: beginning half marathon training (so far, so good! news: I can run.)
- simon: cooing more and discovering that his hands taste good
- phil and I finally having friends over for dinner
- butternut squash soup. I conquered that gourd.
-figure skating. I love triple axles and those turns that make their legs look like jelly.
- phil: making/eating cream cheese brownies.
- me: getting a electric breast pump (tmi much, laurel? yes, but
 my life more or less revolves around someone, you know, eating. and 
this little machine is this week's miracle.)

- phil/me/simon: saturday. we're always glad when it comes around.

^^ bless this calm and happy baby. 
^^ someone wanted to try on papa's suit pants. not quite his size yet...
^^ I'll just let you guess what happened to phil as he was changing
that sweet simon boy.
^^mossy tree outside the window
^^ rainy saturday afternoon nap
^^ post-nap window gazing

^^ little things around the house

^^date! we left the house to get froyo and ended up stopping
for some california exports (animal style) on the way.
^^phil gives me all his pickles.

^^and the froyo with lots of mochi and boba


  1. Laurel, you look so good!!

    Also, I'm so happy you framed that bonjour bebe card! I bought it with framing in mind, so you read my mind ;)

  2. Fun! You look cute with your hair down for your date :) And your baby is just adorable––but you knew that already!