Wednesday, January 22, 2014

year of dates

for christmas this past year, I gave phil a special binder
full of twelve folders that contained the details of twelve dates 
I planned for 2014 - one date for each month.
I loved this idea of a year of dates that I borrowed from this gal and thought
that phil and I would especially need good, quality dates now that
we have little simon. 

we really love going on dates and hanging out together
so it was fun to brainstorm all the date ideas possible
for this gift. it took a bit of time, creativity, outside help and some
initial spending (purchasing tickets, gift cards, making reservations, etc) 
to plan each date, but I'm excited for each month to come so phil can see 
what adventure has been planned. 

also, it feels good to know that, no matter what happens, we are assured at least one
monthly date this upcoming year for just the two of us. some dates are at-home, 
some are local, and some involve multi-day trips (august's is one of those!). 
they all center around activities that we like to do together (eating out, for sure), 
dates that celebrate important events in our life together, and things 
that are of particular interest to phil (because this was my gift to him, after all). 
(^^ i put 2013 since i made this for christmas 2013)

^^the year of dates cover letter

so, did I let phil look inside each month's folder when I gave it to him, or am I going to make him wait?
I'm making him wait! there's so much more surprise that way. we'll look at the next month's date together the first day of the month (or a little beforehand if the date is planned early the next month) and, if it is one that isn't on a specific day, we'll look at our schedules and plan which day we'll make it happen.

here's what's in store for january:

^^ I landed some byu basketball tickets through
phil's parents (who have family seats) and joe's is 
a local place that has some well-rated 
burgers. I printed out the sign as well as
the menu (stapled underneath), but we probably 
don't need the menu since I am 99.9% positive about
which burger phil will order: the bacon cheeseburger. 
I'll let you know if I'm right. 

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