Friday, January 31, 2014

year of dates: january

our january date was burgers and byu basketball. 
we dropped off simon with phil's doting mother and went to joe's for dinner. it's in the area of town we use to live in, but we had never been before and, hello, regret! the food was I had heard about their burgers, but I wasn't expecting all the burgers of my past to have been so put to shame (photos in no way do it justice). phil and I ordered the same one (and, yes, it was the one I knew phil would order) and it was the most delicious, savory, messiest burger I've EVER had. and when I say messy, I mean, messy like had-to-wash-my-hands-twice-because-it-got-everywhere-but-was-so-worth-it messy / should-have-used-a-fork-and-knife messy, but who does that for a burger?) at one point, the cook (joe, I'm assuming? he looked like the guy above on the sign), comes out and asks how everything is. I was mid bite and could only roll my eyes back and grunt the tones of a "sooo good." super feminine.

^^ here we are smiling with no clue about how our world is 
on the cusp of changing forever. thank you, joe.

and, as for the basketball game, we won.
to be honest, I'm not be the most adoring football or basketball fan (I'm more of a soccer/volleyball/gymnastics/ice skating kind of girl), and is it sad that the only BYU shirts I own are from the french club? nice spirit. but, hey, it was fun to get into the hype of the game and scream and cheer and go a little loco. it was a needed release to give a good whoop and yell and cheer on the team (yes, I just said whoop). 

all in all, our january date was a complete success!

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