Sunday, January 26, 2014


^^when simon was a polar bear.

 ^^when he slept.

 ^^when we took a little car ride

 ^^ when more napping occurred.

 ^^ when we read some "belles histoires" of flora and her opera debut.
it was riveting.
 ^^ when I dived into some light semester reading (and one for fun).

 ^^ when I found art.
 ^^ when we tried the new place down the street
for date night. admittedly, we were a little hesitant of 
what such a vague "drinks & treats" (???) place could offer.
but, after my avocado and almond boba drink and 
phil's "forbidden fruit" smoothie (guava and passionfruit 
deliciousness), we were hooked.
^^ when we became "drinks and treats" believers.

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