Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SNOW and more baby baby baby!

you may think that I only take pictures of the baby 
but, you are wrong. sure, I take pictures of the baby sleeping, the baby with people, the baby making cute faces, the baby in his car seat, BUT I also take pictures (or...just one picture) of

there is no baby in that snow picture below, people. go ahead and look. 

okay, but really, who cares about snow when you can post a bajillion pictures of a cute baby?
I think I'm starting to understand the whole new-mom-spam-everyone-with-pictures-of-my-newborn mentality.

I'll attempt to rectify my ways in the future and balance out this overflow, but for now...


 sleeping!!! while on a walk (to get him to go to sleep).


two babies!!! (not sleeping though)

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