Friday, January 17, 2014

new year's resolutions

last year I made resolutions to be nicer/more service-oriented and to, pretty much, 
eat less candy. 
I can't really quantify the achievement of the nice-ness factor (although I think I was? 
those who I may have slighted may now come forward)
BUT I can definitely say that the eating less candy/sweets resolution
FAILED miserably (and wonderfully?). I did make carrot soup last week though, so that should rectify all my indulgences from the past year.
but, really, who am I to make a resolution 
against something so integral to my being: 

we're halfway through january now, but phil and
I made some resolutions together on new year's day and I
thought I'd share some of them. and, friends,
miracles happen.

fill a grateful jar
this entails filling a mason jar with strips of paper where we write something we are grateful for that day. we'll crack this puppy open at the end of the year so we can reminiscence about all that has been good for us during the year.
I think it's good to be in the habit of being grateful.

read a book a month together
we have some ideas:
The Hobbit (currently reading), The Help, Gilead, Mere Christianity, Housekeeping, Kite Runner, Bread Givers, If this is a Man, Rough Stone Rolling, Fear and Trembling, The Monuments Men, The Book Thief, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Visions of Glory, ____________... 
any other suggestions??

write and defend our theses 
this is one of those we-have-to-do-this-or-we-don't-graduate sort of things, so it's kinda a mandatory goal. but, we are trying to complete this during this year even though we don't technically have to graduate until april 2015. honestly, phil is pretty much done (nerd). it's me that I'm worried about... c'mon Balzac muses, help a sister out!

get 4.0 in our remaining MA/MS classes
like I said about our theses: phil has this whole master's thing, theses and perfect grades and the love of all his professors, in the bag. we'll see about moi. so far so good though (although the baby really played a vital part by coming the day after finals ended last semester).

write more thank you notes
after a major faux pas this past year, I am determined to be a thank you card writing FIEND! never will anyone who does us a good turn go without a handwritten thank you. this is more of a life resolution than a 2014 one. so, if you even breath kindness toward me/Phil/Simon, a card will (promptly!) be in your hands/mailbox.

exercise 3 times a week
don't laugh. I am most aware of my current record for exercising(or not) during the week. but, birth totally counted for like a month's worth, right? okay, but seriously, I have been taking walks often during the week with the babes (mostly in order to maintain mental health, not physical), and once the doctor waves his wand (or stethoscope) of approval, I'm planning big stuff (well, big for me): half-marathon. what?? yes. also, I am all about yoga; any exercise routine where you spend the last ten minutes sprawled motionless on the ground merits my love.

read aloud to Simon 
Chronicles of Narnia is up first (which we will preface by listening to this gem). 

write three poems
I enjoy versification and it's been too long since I've supplicated the poetry goddesses for inspiration.

platinum blond?
this isn't a goal, but I am considering this change in the near future. what do you think?


  1. GO PLATINUM BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would look amazing on you. And you should read Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Smart's book, and Fahrenheit 451 . . . some of my faves!