Thursday, January 30, 2014

i don't have twitter but I can still #tbt

thursdays are long days for phil at school and work, and while he's off laboring his mind I just chill out at home and take naps and...uh huuum...I mean, STUDY and WORK and, of course, make sure the needs of a small human life are met. but seriously, when I have down time and si is off in the land of nod, I usually find myself flipping (well, actually, clicking the right arrow key) through old photos. I just love visual memories. I know it's important to journal and write down, you know, stuff, but I feel like so many past feelings and experiences for me are tied up in photographs, inscribed in these images; when I see, I remember, and sometimes I don't always feel like I need (or want? lazy laurel.) to write it down. 

so here are some tbt photos from when we were closer to our 
baby's age than we are at present. we be old old old.

 ^^ little phil and his thiz face while reading "how many bugs are in the green box"

^^ all prim for church but having a hard time with the sun in our eyes. 
you know we've all been there.

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