Monday, January 20, 2014

this boy is 1 month old

and yet, it feels as though he has always been ours,
always been a part of us.

we put simon into a newborn size
outfit for church yesterday, and he nearly
didn't fit in the shirt! he looked so baby handsome
that it made me feel a twinge of sadness that he
couldn't wear that outfit again, that he is
getting bigger and bigger.
I made him wear the pants again today

and probably will put him in them tomorrow.
yes, I'm forcing my child to
be an outfit repeater.
don't judge.

phil and I feel lucky with simon. he sleeps well, naps well, loves to lay down on the bed and look out the window/at the lamp/at any light source. he doesn't fuss unless his needs aren't being met, but once his concerns are addressed he's like "yeah, parents, I'll calm down now." I feel like I need to *knock on wood* at all of this since I don't know what he'll be like in the future, but up to now, he's just been good, good, good. 

(from simon's blessing day)

I wanted to share some things I've noticed over the past month about motherhood/babyhood. I think I'll write something in the future about specific things that have been essential in the past few weeks for simon and for me/phil, 
but, here are some thoughts I've had over the past month:

1. swaddling. is. amazing! I mean, somehow, simon's hands must not be registering their movement with his brain because he slaps himself silly if he falls asleep without having them strapped down. thus, the art of swaddling/making a baby burrito has been key. also, we play this during his naps and it's like, bam! sleep potion! plus, I love that it's called "magic womb sounds." 

2. having a baby is actually quite fun. maybe my definition of fun has evolved a bit over time (from sleepovers to being able to sleep-in until 8am! wooh! fun!), but I love when the three of us all hang out in the evening, eat dinner, watch a show, read to the babes, have phil narrate simon's day in a baby voice, talk about the day, laugh, and cuddle. when phil is at school in the morning, the babes and I have a little routine where we listen to children's songs and sing (well, I sing. badly.) while I put lotion on his face and brush his little head of fine, blond hair. poor thing doesn't know how girly his momma treats him... all in all, it's a different kind of wonderful fun. 

3. the little things are rewarding. when si turns his head from side to side during tummy time, when we can get him to give us a gummy smile, when he stares into our eyes, or when his little inebriated eyes finally give into sleep, it's like "yes!" or "he is so sweet!" I think parenthood, especially at the beginning, allows you an appreciation of the simple. 

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  1. So sweet! and I love that you have a Minerva Teichert print up!