Saturday, January 11, 2014

a slippery slope of names

these days are made up of baby talk. and sometimes, it transfers over to phil. whoops. i called him "bub" the other day (one of simon's random nickname - that baby is lucky when I even call him by the name that we have on his birth certificate. bub. pup. si guy. baby. he is going to be a super confused child). albeit, I had spent the entire morning with the babes, but as the one-syllable "bub" was freed from my mouth, i realized what i was saying and tried to mask the "b" sound at the end with an added "d" to remedy bub with "bud" (which really is no better - who wants to be called "bud" by their wife?). phil gave me a puzzled look, i apologized, and then, of course, I went on to blame the person totally responsible for the slip-up: the baby.

and thus i begin, well-greased, down the slippery slope. it's like how i've managed to call all my siblings "babe" at one point or another since i married phil. or like the CONSTANT urge/impulse to say (and actual execution of saying) "love you!" at the end of a phone conversation with, oh, the customer service man at Amazon or any number of people who would not normally be on the receiving end of a culminating "love you!" and, now, bub. great. these habits seem to nestle themselves quick and deep into my linguistic tendencies. i can just see myself in years to come "babe"ing the mailman, loving the person who has called the wrong phone number, and still "bub"bing dear philip without even trying to "bud"-mask it away.  

i suppose it's better now to just accept and abandon myself to becoming the mother that goes through the list of nearly all the children, pets, friends, favorite television characters until finally landing upon the correct name of my first-born.

bu-uhh, i mean simon, right?

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