Friday, January 31, 2014

year of dates: january

our january date was burgers and byu basketball. 
we dropped off simon with phil's doting mother and went to joe's for dinner. it's in the area of town we use to live in, but we had never been before and, hello, regret! the food was I had heard about their burgers, but I wasn't expecting all the burgers of my past to have been so put to shame (photos in no way do it justice). phil and I ordered the same one (and, yes, it was the one I knew phil would order) and it was the most delicious, savory, messiest burger I've EVER had. and when I say messy, I mean, messy like had-to-wash-my-hands-twice-because-it-got-everywhere-but-was-so-worth-it messy / should-have-used-a-fork-and-knife messy, but who does that for a burger?) at one point, the cook (joe, I'm assuming? he looked like the guy above on the sign), comes out and asks how everything is. I was mid bite and could only roll my eyes back and grunt the tones of a "sooo good." super feminine.

^^ here we are smiling with no clue about how our world is 
on the cusp of changing forever. thank you, joe.

and, as for the basketball game, we won.
to be honest, I'm not be the most adoring football or basketball fan (I'm more of a soccer/volleyball/gymnastics/ice skating kind of girl), and is it sad that the only BYU shirts I own are from the french club? nice spirit. but, hey, it was fun to get into the hype of the game and scream and cheer and go a little loco. it was a needed release to give a good whoop and yell and cheer on the team (yes, I just said whoop). 

all in all, our january date was a complete success!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

i don't have twitter but I can still #tbt

thursdays are long days for phil at school and work, and while he's off laboring his mind I just chill out at home and take naps and...uh huuum...I mean, STUDY and WORK and, of course, make sure the needs of a small human life are met. but seriously, when I have down time and si is off in the land of nod, I usually find myself flipping (well, actually, clicking the right arrow key) through old photos. I just love visual memories. I know it's important to journal and write down, you know, stuff, but I feel like so many past feelings and experiences for me are tied up in photographs, inscribed in these images; when I see, I remember, and sometimes I don't always feel like I need (or want? lazy laurel.) to write it down. 

so here are some tbt photos from when we were closer to our 
baby's age than we are at present. we be old old old.

 ^^ little phil and his thiz face while reading "how many bugs are in the green box"

^^ all prim for church but having a hard time with the sun in our eyes. 
you know we've all been there.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


^^when simon was a polar bear.

 ^^when he slept.

 ^^when we took a little car ride

 ^^ when more napping occurred.

 ^^ when we read some "belles histoires" of flora and her opera debut.
it was riveting.
 ^^ when I dived into some light semester reading (and one for fun).

 ^^ when I found art.
 ^^ when we tried the new place down the street
for date night. admittedly, we were a little hesitant of 
what such a vague "drinks & treats" (???) place could offer.
but, after my avocado and almond boba drink and 
phil's "forbidden fruit" smoothie (guava and passionfruit 
deliciousness), we were hooked.
^^ when we became "drinks and treats" believers.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


 someone's learning how to smile.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

year of dates

for christmas this past year, I gave phil a special binder
full of twelve folders that contained the details of twelve dates 
I planned for 2014 - one date for each month.
I loved this idea of a year of dates that I borrowed from this gal and thought
that phil and I would especially need good, quality dates now that
we have little simon. 

we really love going on dates and hanging out together
so it was fun to brainstorm all the date ideas possible
for this gift. it took a bit of time, creativity, outside help and some
initial spending (purchasing tickets, gift cards, making reservations, etc) 
to plan each date, but I'm excited for each month to come so phil can see 
what adventure has been planned. 

also, it feels good to know that, no matter what happens, we are assured at least one
monthly date this upcoming year for just the two of us. some dates are at-home, 
some are local, and some involve multi-day trips (august's is one of those!). 
they all center around activities that we like to do together (eating out, for sure), 
dates that celebrate important events in our life together, and things 
that are of particular interest to phil (because this was my gift to him, after all). 
(^^ i put 2013 since i made this for christmas 2013)

^^the year of dates cover letter

so, did I let phil look inside each month's folder when I gave it to him, or am I going to make him wait?
I'm making him wait! there's so much more surprise that way. we'll look at the next month's date together the first day of the month (or a little beforehand if the date is planned early the next month) and, if it is one that isn't on a specific day, we'll look at our schedules and plan which day we'll make it happen.

here's what's in store for january:

^^ I landed some byu basketball tickets through
phil's parents (who have family seats) and joe's is 
a local place that has some well-rated 
burgers. I printed out the sign as well as
the menu (stapled underneath), but we probably 
don't need the menu since I am 99.9% positive about
which burger phil will order: the bacon cheeseburger. 
I'll let you know if I'm right. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

oh, hey.

^^thank you, philip's sock drawer.

^^socks are the new gloves this season.

^^oh, hi.

Monday, January 20, 2014

this boy is 1 month old

and yet, it feels as though he has always been ours,
always been a part of us.

we put simon into a newborn size
outfit for church yesterday, and he nearly
didn't fit in the shirt! he looked so baby handsome
that it made me feel a twinge of sadness that he
couldn't wear that outfit again, that he is
getting bigger and bigger.
I made him wear the pants again today

and probably will put him in them tomorrow.
yes, I'm forcing my child to
be an outfit repeater.
don't judge.

phil and I feel lucky with simon. he sleeps well, naps well, loves to lay down on the bed and look out the window/at the lamp/at any light source. he doesn't fuss unless his needs aren't being met, but once his concerns are addressed he's like "yeah, parents, I'll calm down now." I feel like I need to *knock on wood* at all of this since I don't know what he'll be like in the future, but up to now, he's just been good, good, good. 

(from simon's blessing day)

I wanted to share some things I've noticed over the past month about motherhood/babyhood. I think I'll write something in the future about specific things that have been essential in the past few weeks for simon and for me/phil, 
but, here are some thoughts I've had over the past month:

1. swaddling. is. amazing! I mean, somehow, simon's hands must not be registering their movement with his brain because he slaps himself silly if he falls asleep without having them strapped down. thus, the art of swaddling/making a baby burrito has been key. also, we play this during his naps and it's like, bam! sleep potion! plus, I love that it's called "magic womb sounds." 

2. having a baby is actually quite fun. maybe my definition of fun has evolved a bit over time (from sleepovers to being able to sleep-in until 8am! wooh! fun!), but I love when the three of us all hang out in the evening, eat dinner, watch a show, read to the babes, have phil narrate simon's day in a baby voice, talk about the day, laugh, and cuddle. when phil is at school in the morning, the babes and I have a little routine where we listen to children's songs and sing (well, I sing. badly.) while I put lotion on his face and brush his little head of fine, blond hair. poor thing doesn't know how girly his momma treats him... all in all, it's a different kind of wonderful fun. 

3. the little things are rewarding. when si turns his head from side to side during tummy time, when we can get him to give us a gummy smile, when he stares into our eyes, or when his little inebriated eyes finally give into sleep, it's like "yes!" or "he is so sweet!" I think parenthood, especially at the beginning, allows you an appreciation of the simple. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

new year's resolutions

last year I made resolutions to be nicer/more service-oriented and to, pretty much, 
eat less candy. 
I can't really quantify the achievement of the nice-ness factor (although I think I was? 
those who I may have slighted may now come forward)
BUT I can definitely say that the eating less candy/sweets resolution
FAILED miserably (and wonderfully?). I did make carrot soup last week though, so that should rectify all my indulgences from the past year.
but, really, who am I to make a resolution 
against something so integral to my being: 

we're halfway through january now, but phil and
I made some resolutions together on new year's day and I
thought I'd share some of them. and, friends,
miracles happen.

fill a grateful jar
this entails filling a mason jar with strips of paper where we write something we are grateful for that day. we'll crack this puppy open at the end of the year so we can reminiscence about all that has been good for us during the year.
I think it's good to be in the habit of being grateful.

read a book a month together
we have some ideas:
The Hobbit (currently reading), The Help, Gilead, Mere Christianity, Housekeeping, Kite Runner, Bread Givers, If this is a Man, Rough Stone Rolling, Fear and Trembling, The Monuments Men, The Book Thief, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Visions of Glory, ____________... 
any other suggestions??

write and defend our theses 
this is one of those we-have-to-do-this-or-we-don't-graduate sort of things, so it's kinda a mandatory goal. but, we are trying to complete this during this year even though we don't technically have to graduate until april 2015. honestly, phil is pretty much done (nerd). it's me that I'm worried about... c'mon Balzac muses, help a sister out!

get 4.0 in our remaining MA/MS classes
like I said about our theses: phil has this whole master's thing, theses and perfect grades and the love of all his professors, in the bag. we'll see about moi. so far so good though (although the baby really played a vital part by coming the day after finals ended last semester).

write more thank you notes
after a major faux pas this past year, I am determined to be a thank you card writing FIEND! never will anyone who does us a good turn go without a handwritten thank you. this is more of a life resolution than a 2014 one. so, if you even breath kindness toward me/Phil/Simon, a card will (promptly!) be in your hands/mailbox.

exercise 3 times a week
don't laugh. I am most aware of my current record for exercising(or not) during the week. but, birth totally counted for like a month's worth, right? okay, but seriously, I have been taking walks often during the week with the babes (mostly in order to maintain mental health, not physical), and once the doctor waves his wand (or stethoscope) of approval, I'm planning big stuff (well, big for me): half-marathon. what?? yes. also, I am all about yoga; any exercise routine where you spend the last ten minutes sprawled motionless on the ground merits my love.

read aloud to Simon 
Chronicles of Narnia is up first (which we will preface by listening to this gem). 

write three poems
I enjoy versification and it's been too long since I've supplicated the poetry goddesses for inspiration.

platinum blond?
this isn't a goal, but I am considering this change in the near future. what do you think?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013: an attempt at addition

a numerical representation of
our two thousand thirteen

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

SNOW and more baby baby baby!

you may think that I only take pictures of the baby 
but, you are wrong. sure, I take pictures of the baby sleeping, the baby with people, the baby making cute faces, the baby in his car seat, BUT I also take pictures (or...just one picture) of

there is no baby in that snow picture below, people. go ahead and look. 

okay, but really, who cares about snow when you can post a bajillion pictures of a cute baby?
I think I'm starting to understand the whole new-mom-spam-everyone-with-pictures-of-my-newborn mentality.

I'll attempt to rectify my ways in the future and balance out this overflow, but for now...


 sleeping!!! while on a walk (to get him to go to sleep).


two babies!!! (not sleeping though)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

a slippery slope of names

these days are made up of baby talk. and sometimes, it transfers over to phil. whoops. i called him "bub" the other day (one of simon's random nickname - that baby is lucky when I even call him by the name that we have on his birth certificate. bub. pup. si guy. baby. he is going to be a super confused child). albeit, I had spent the entire morning with the babes, but as the one-syllable "bub" was freed from my mouth, i realized what i was saying and tried to mask the "b" sound at the end with an added "d" to remedy bub with "bud" (which really is no better - who wants to be called "bud" by their wife?). phil gave me a puzzled look, i apologized, and then, of course, I went on to blame the person totally responsible for the slip-up: the baby.

and thus i begin, well-greased, down the slippery slope. it's like how i've managed to call all my siblings "babe" at one point or another since i married phil. or like the CONSTANT urge/impulse to say (and actual execution of saying) "love you!" at the end of a phone conversation with, oh, the customer service man at Amazon or any number of people who would not normally be on the receiving end of a culminating "love you!" and, now, bub. great. these habits seem to nestle themselves quick and deep into my linguistic tendencies. i can just see myself in years to come "babe"ing the mailman, loving the person who has called the wrong phone number, and still "bub"bing dear philip without even trying to "bud"-mask it away.  

i suppose it's better now to just accept and abandon myself to becoming the mother that goes through the list of nearly all the children, pets, friends, favorite television characters until finally landing upon the correct name of my first-born.

bu-uhh, i mean simon, right?

Monday, January 6, 2014

our little family

look at this sweet little bub!

thanks again to the wonderful laura
for these beautiful pictures