Wednesday, December 18, 2013

due date

today is forty weeks and baby boy is due!
 but, you know, I'm thinking of how nice it must 
be for him to be inside of me, nicely tucked 
away from the cold (thank you, utah).
honestly, the babes can stay inside as long as 
he wants - well, hmm, maybe just for a few more days
because as good as I feel and as safe and cozy as he is,
we are thrilled about meeting him, seeing him, 
deciding whose nose he has, whose eyes he has,
watching him grow and seeing his personality develop.

we are excited to be parents.

but until he arrives, we are working on final papers and projects

and decorating the new place we moved into about two weeks ago (hallelujah!)
and going on little dates about town and singing christmas songs and
eating ikea gingersnaps with hot chocolate.

come soon, little boy!
everything is ready for you.
even the christmas tree.

^^ that little center rabbit was mine as a baby.
we're passing the love on down.

1 comment:

  1. Yay! You're ready. And I love little center rabbit. Sweet memories of him from when you were a babe.