Monday, December 2, 2013

baby shower and blanket making

phil's dear momma threw me a baby shower
last weekend. it was beautiful!

and, in other news, we're in the count down to
baby time. two.five weeks! which means = any time now.
wow. wow. wow. (!) his crib is all set up (merci, ikea),
his little clothes put away, his changing table all
set up with tiny diapers and piles of wipes. 
and, am pleased to announce
that I am still be able to bend over/pliƩ to tie my
shoes, which is perhaps a simple thing but one
made more complicated when you have
a large balloon in your mid-regions.
and, since I am in total nesting mode, I made 
another blanket this week from an old sheet I found 
(and washed, of course) from a local consignment 
store. I love this pattern. 

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