Saturday, November 30, 2013

happy birthday to me

it was my birthday this week!
phil made me a wonderful breakfast
and gave me some beautiful presents
and then we went to school and
we had masala madness for dinner
and I just felt so happy.
year twenty-five of life has been
 full of 
adventure and fun: we have traveled, moved,
grown a soon-to-be-born child (well, maybe less we 

and more I), graduated, read good literature, 
watched a lot of netflix, snuggled daily, 
loved each better, grown in faith and in hope,
tried our best to serve and love others, 
developed better habits (though we haven't
kicked the whole need to eat a little dessert every night...), 

grown closer to our family, eaten many a hi-chew
(I include that only because I am eating some right now),

commenced on the road to become masters of art and of science,
saved for the future, and have found that life, though
totally full of some pretty crazy potholes,

continues to lay down a path of joy before us.

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