Wednesday, October 30, 2013

34 weeks!

34 weeks!

and currently in the mood for cereal all day long.

there was a bag of berry colossal crunch on the breakfast
table this morning and I may have let out a whoop. yeah, so 

speaking of cereal, I think I need some right now...

i'm still sleeping quite soundly and comfortably,
and even though my bladder is quickly losing
its normal place in my lower regions (and diminishing 

in size), it's a lot more resilient than I was expecting it to be.
thank you, body.

the most excitement in my life is reading lots of Balzac

and dreaming of this one stroller/car seat travel system
that I gush over. ohhhhh! and then visualizing little boy
all snuggled up in the car seat - ohhhhhhh!!

I just feel so happy. phil is happy too. I can see it
all over his face especially when he can feel
and see the babe's movements, which are many
 these days. if his movements are a sign of recognition or content,

this boy sure seems to know his papa because when phil was giving a 
talk in church on sunday, he started rolling around 
and kickboxing in my belly. also, he seems to enjoy my french 
classes because he is all over the place during those hours 
too. really, he already knows the key to his mama's heart:
his dad and french. 


  1. You are the most radiant pregnant lady I've ever seen! I wish I could make it to your baby shower to give you a great big hug!!!

  2. Awww! You're such a pretty preggo lady!